James Ballantyne Memorial Fund

Supporting and encouraging young engineers

Applying for a Grant

To receive a grant from the JBMF to fund a particular project you will be required to:

1. Satisfy the JBMF that some effort has or will be made to engage the support and commitment of those people who will be affected by the project. This may mean some matched fund raising or a commitment of time by some parents in a school for example.

2. Show that the project has some long term vision.

3. Confirm that should an application be successful, your organisation will assist in promoting the JBMF when reasonably requested to do so. This will mean providing some detail as to how the project is progressing and/or a testimonial about the JBMF for media purposes.

4. Evaluation form will be completed and returned to JBMT at the end of the project

Criteria For Allocation of Grants

Locality:  Throughout the UK with preference given to Berkshire, Wiltshire and Hampshire.

Grant size: up to £1000

Age group: under 19

Commitment: indication of commitment from parents, participants, organisation ie fund raising, providing time/resources for the project


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Telephone Number
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Desired start date of project
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