On Friday 3rd July 2015 James Ballantyne was tragically killed in a road traffic accident. James was an energetic, eccentric, idiosyncratic, generous and sociable 23 year old. He was loved by many and liked by all those he met. He had an infectious passion and enthusiasm for everything he did. 

One of those passions was for engineering and in particular electronic engineering. He graduated from Cardiff University in 2013 with a degree in Electronic Engineering and he went on to work in the profession which he found immensely interesting and satisfying. He was always keen to share his love of the subject with everyone.

To that end the James Ballantyne Memorial Fund has been set up to provide information and advice and to advance education in the study and practice of engineering among young people.

With your support we can ensure that the love James had for engineering will never die and will be shared and enjoyed by more young people than ever before.