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We are here to make getting a grant as easy and as straight forward as possible

To receive a grant from JBMF  you will asked to:

1. Tell us about your project, what you are trying to achieve and how you propose to do this

2. Show who will benefit from the grant and the duration of the project

3. Assist in promoting the JBMF when reasonably requested to do so. This will mean providing some detail as to how the project is progressing and/or a testimonial about the JBMF for media purposes.

4. Complete an evaluation form at the end of the project


Criteria For Allocation of Grants

Locality:  We are happy to accept applications throughout the UK

Grant size:  Dependant on project

Age group: under 19

Apply Now

Please send us your application and we will be in touch to discuss it further.

Thanks for submitting!

A woman working with steel


We aim to make getting a grant as easy and as straightforward as possible

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